Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces

ESR REIT Management Ltd. (the "Company") has established the following basic policies for dealing with antisocial forces in order to take action against antisocial forces that threaten public order or stability.

  1. The Company will have no relations with antisocial forces including business relations. In the event the Company unwittingly enters into a relationship with a counterparty later discovered to be an antisocial force, it will make efforts to dissolve the relationship as promptly as possible upon such discovery.
  2. The Company will refuse any unjust demands by antisocial forces. No single person or department will be left to respond to unjust demands by antisocial forces alone. Rather, such demands will be dealt with by the organization as a whole, from the top management, such as the representative director, down. The Company will take legal measures, either to a civil court or a criminal one or to both to unjust demands by antisocial forces.
  3. The Company shall make efforts to eliminate antisocial forces in partnership with its shareholders and its group companies, as well as the Company's own efforts.
  4. The Company will never engage in financing for or backroom deals with antisocial forces.
  5. The Company will establish close and cooperative relationships with external specialist organizations such as the competent police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and legal practitioners.